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Do You Shea, Everyday of the Week?

African's have used Shea Butter for centuries to protect their hair and skin from the dry, hot blazing African sun. It was and still is used to remedy dry skin and hair. It protects the skin's natural oils and hair.

The richness of natural vitamins and fatty acid is very nourishing and moisturizing for skin and hair. Ancient Egyptian's used shea butter for trade as well as cosmetic use back in the day. In addition to moisturizing your skin and hair, it's been stated that regular use can treat many skin problems. In its purest form shea butter has no chemicals and is organic therefore is is perfect for sensitive skin. Unrefined versus Refined: Unrefined is the purest form and is best for your natural hair.

Shea Butter's color varies from white, ivory to yellow and has a very faint inherent aroma. It will melt to the touch. It works well on your knees and elbows, skin and lips, or any part of your body needing moisture. We offer balms and lotions with shea butter. When using our Defining Butta Creme for your hair, it will seal in moisture very nicely. To apply to the hair, take a few quarters size of the product (depending on the amount of hair you have, may need more), and rub it between your hands. Distributing to your hair using both hands. It's best to add our Defining Mist and Defining Oil prior to sealing it with our Defining Butta Creme. Repeat until all hair is covered.

Again, mostly all of our products, contain shea butter and mostly all of or products are Certified Organic or Vegan, plus we support fair trade. Our Shea Rita Lotion, named after the owners mother is so moisturizing for the skin, while scented in two amazing fragrance; Sweet Tropical Island and Coco Honey Mango Twist.  

What’s your favorite way to use Shea Butter?

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