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High or Low, Porosity?

So, hair porosity refers to your hair’s ability to absorb and retain moisture, right? YES, and there are a few ways to determine this. Let's talk about the water test.

Test: Take a few strands of your hair from your comb or directly from your hair and put it in a glass of water. Let is sit for two to four minutes. If it rises to the top of the water your hair s low porosity. If the your hair stays in the middle you are normal and if your hair sinks to the bottom, your hair is high porosity.

People are either low, high, or normal. Most people fall in the high or low, we will talk about low and high.

Low Porosity

Hair type that is low porosity (most often, tight hair cuticle,) products doesn't seem to absorb into the hair. It literally takes forEVER to absorb products. Hair is very resistant to water and products. It sits own your hair and weigh it down and waiting for a invitation from your cuticles to invite it in.

  • use products with no protein.

  • wash with water warm and sulfate free shampoo - WARM water is your friend

  • use a deep conditioner (once a month) using mild heat and a plastic cap and a regular conditioner for other washes -- rinse conditioner with warm water at first and then cool water to close the cuticle and seal in moisture --- A huge benefit of adding moisture is by using a steamer or a heat cap (see my video and write up on steamers) or sit under a dryer with a plastic cap on for 10-15 minutes.

  • use a water-based leave-in conditioner on damp hair after every shampooing, with NO protein and NO oils

  • don’t style hair with dense oils, only use them for hot oil treatments, they only weigh your hair down and sit on your cuticle, use lightweight ( jojoba, argan, baobab and sweet almond oils, coconut, etc.) which can easily penetrate the hair shaft.

  • never wash your hair with a conditioner (co-washing) it only builds up eventually causing more damage, because you are not really using a cleaning method.

High Porosity

High porosity hair usually feels hard and dry within an hour of applying hydration products. Moistures is needed desperately because, hair quickly absorbs moisture, and quickly lose the moisture as well. The cuticles seem to never trap in the moisture. This hair type is damaged from harsh chemicals, dye or bleach, high heat, or harsh shampoos that strip the hair.

Heavier Moisturizing Cream
Hair Balm
Hair Oil
  • use a deep conditioner

  • move away from the heat, this is a huge part of why your hair is high porosity

  • use protein treatments ---> monthly

  • use light protein treatments every few weeks in between the monthly heavy protein treatment until you see results

  • use acidic products like apple cider vinegar and aloe vera in a weekly rinse it will help to temporarily make your cuticle lie flat, keeping the moisture you apply in and not escaping

  • use moisturizing pudding’s and heavier oils (olive, castor, or avocado oil) after washing because protein is not a moisturizer

  • use aloe vera gel or aloe vera juice leave-in conditioners spray to help the cuticle and seal in the moisture

Note about normal porosity hair: it's fine and need the least about of work.

Just remember to be patient to see results, and if you want to see results, you must remain consistent with your routine. Eat right/better, exercise and stay hydrated. Results will come!

Have you done a test? Share your results we want to know. Comment below.

Have suggestions or questions -- ask away and share away!

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