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The primary job of the immune system is to protect: from viral infections, bacteria, and fugal infection.

The immune system works hand and hand with other systems within our bodies. We have to help the immune system accomplish this by doing our part so we can live stronger and healthier lives.

Things we can do to support our immunity care:

1. blood cleanse

2. daily exercise

3. regular bowl movement

4. avoid junk and processed foods

5. Avoid too much dairy and meat

6. refined white sugar and flour

7. avoid persevered meats

8. iodized salt

9. soy

10. fried foods

11. MSG: mono-sodium glutamate

12. avoid micro-waves

Way to much sugars and processed foods are consumed. Fast food industry and making billions, while obesity is increasing as well. The above list is depleting your body of vitamins and minerals. Causing your immune system to be weak and setting you up for failure, resulting in illness and often death.

List of things to enjoy:

  1. dried fruits (dates, raisins, etc)

  2. fruits

  3. cane sugar

  4. agave and maple sugars

  5. sea salt

  6. avocados

  7. nuts

  8. grapeseed and coconut oil

  9. laughter

  10. love ones

  11. mediation and prayer

  12. drink lots of water

  13. sleep and rest

  14. detox

  15. fasting

  16. colon cleanse

  17. 🌿 herbs

  18. forgiveness and letting go

Be sure to avoid foods with high fructose and corn syrup they are indicators of junk food. Bad for liver function, stomach issues, hair growth, inflammation, diabetic and more. I pray you make changes in your life to be your best healthy self.

To learn more about the immunity care products we offer go to www.drhairoil.com

Call us to set up a consultation or complete an appointment on our website.

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