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My Hair Loss Journey

About Us

The experience of an extraordinary journey of selecting what works best for you. 

We're evolving familiar products with healthier mineral ingredients 

for hair loss & skin treatment, internally and externally.

We all have a story to tell

The experience of an extraordinary journey of selecting what works best for you is awaiting you at Dr. Herbal’s Organic & Vegan Hair Care. Created by Sharon Osinaike, the Founder. An all-natural organic and plant-base company that provides mineral rich and nourishing products focused on the prevention of hair loss, scalp concerns and skin care treatment.

We make the highest quality products to achieve real results for women, men, and children. Available online, at popups events and for pickup sales. 

Products: herbal and mineral infused hair oils, hair grease/balms, shampoo bars, deodorants, facial sets and more.


All handmade by the owner who lost her hair three times and grew it back.​ The company was born after her observations of trying many hair products in the marketplace that didn't work for her hair lost. She lost her hair and grew it back using her own products.

She started losing her hair due to tension to her hair follicles from certain hairstyles, mostly from wearing braids, especially after traveling to West African for the first time to visit her new in-laws. She got her hair braided while in Nigeria. It was beautiful until she returned home and took the micro braids down, and her hair edges came out completely. She was devastated (see her before & after).

 ​She also noticed after having her second-born, she lost her hair again. Eventually, she learned she wasn't the only woman who had experienced losing hair during or after a pregnancy, or while nursing. It can be very devastating to go through hormonal deficiency. 

Many women and men can relate to one of the reasons below: 

  • Hormonal imbalance due to breastfeeding and dietary (foods)

  • Alopecia - immunity imbalance 

  • Hairstyling/stress 


She decided to take matters into her own hands by figuring out a product and a regimen that worked best for her. From using her own products, getting more mineral into her diet and vitamin levels up, she overcame her hair loss, and her hair grew back stronger and longer. Not only for herself, but many others as well.


Of recent, men and children are experiencing hair loss more than ever. Why is that? Is it the food, environment or hereditary? To learn more about our products, and have candid conversations with the owner, follow her: @drhairoil or reach out to her at or 847-920-4247. 


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