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Our regular handmade vegan deodorant:

a mixture of Shea Butter, Coconut Oil, Arrowroot Powder, Baking Soda, Zinc, Lavender, Sage, Tea Tree and more. Please note, natural deodorants won’t plug sweat glands like traditional antiperspirants, however they don’t contain ingredients like, aluminum that are really alarming to most.


Herbal Detoxifying Deodorant 🌱Free of aluminum, pararben, chemicals and toxins free! Looking for a safe, natural deodorant that works with your bodies chemistry? Our Bentonite Clay Deodorant properties quickly and easily absorb moisture. It’s one of the most effective and powerful detoxing clays. It's been known to actually pull toxins from the skin. We've combine it with shea butter, some cedarwood and citronella (essential oils have antibacterial properties) to name a few wonderful and powerful plus detoxifying ingredient. Order today! Don’t expect the same results as your traditional deodorant. It could take a few days or even months for your underarms to rebalance it’s ecosystem and adapt. Best wishes 😍🌱😊 - If you find that your natural deodorant isn't working as well at first, exfoliating your armpits once a week with a sugar scrub. Order our sugar scrub as well.


Our Creme Deodorant Blend

It’s “No Secret Creme" is filled with shea butter, mango, cocoa butter, zinc, and arrowroot. NO BAKING soda. It's the BOMB. It really works, please, we encourage you to try it! Comes in a Lavender and Sage scent that is very calming and greasy free.

Herbal Blends Deodorant


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